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Pc participant here:If I'm finna pay to play with 2K21 MT may wait for 2k22. So I'll just stick with 20, the game is going to be the exact same in PC. I can't see why 2K would make the same shitty choice they did 2k14 in PC.Same ship, I do not play online so I really only care about the updated rosters and non user made rookies. Did that for xbone if it fell and it wasn't worth.That's since xbone does not really have a huge 1st party game catalog, where PS4 has a slew of highly regarded exclusives. It all depends on what you're into.

I pretty much get consoles for sport matches. Fortunately, they attracted madden to the computer so very, the optimal setup for complete advantage of gaming is PC/Playstation/Switch. Xbox just has nothing anymore besides a fantastic controller.I think most PC players switching to next-gen are not just in it to its next-gen game, they're also avoiding the cheating problem that exist every year because 2K15. Waiting for 2K22 will not fix it for them. It just happens that this is the ideal time to change due to console launch +"exclusive" new-gen 2k.

I really don't know how many times I've heard of folks I know saying they'll switch to consoles just to see them buy the PC version on launch day.Cheat table is similar to crack cocaine for noobs.Not all of us cheat though.It's a moot point for debate. Everyone say that this cheaters included.Well to be clear I will still purchase 2k21 on PC on launch for sure, and we shall see exactly how different the matches are in time, I really could observe next gen 2k having enormous launching issuesHonestly having seen how 2k handled the 2k14 transition, I'd say absolutely do not buy 2k21 on PC, unless you are insistent on playing MyTeam or Park. It is going to have no effort.

Just slap a couple mods for 2k20. There is already a 2020 draft class made with actual faces and also a 2021 one in progress. Even how players dribbled and made contact with each other felt different.

Did they say it'd be similar to 2k21

Exactly like with Buy 2K MT. That stinks because 2k14 on the new engine looked fantastic.Damn that is some bullshit. It's not like hardware either.Could they have some worse company practices as a company limited us? Cunts.What the fuck is up? It looks like it was done by accident every time I see it.This team is aware of the font glitch it'll be fixed in the next patch. ? And many more changes.Honestly I'm surprised Zion wasn't held out of this trailer with knee soreness.
I concur 100%. I don't know how people think that it's"forced women's empowerment". They are just trying to enlarge their audience. In addition, I see people saying that it is taking resources away when they have no proof. 2K wouldn't have added it took away from the primary NBA 2K21 MT game. The 2K community really needs to stop being so hypocritical when it comes to removing prejudice.I'd play a female my livelihood to see how it looks. Although assembles would probably be a lot different. Size will probably have female players at a disadvantage. Compare the normal elevation of WNBA player. Very difference. It would be intriguing to see how it would be balanced by them.

It had been in nba live and it didn't work. Like acting as a male participant in a female body it was. It was just bizarre and didn't do the job. In the end of the day it would create a lot of backlash. Folks make fun of live too for its own females postering and dunking. It would create as much despise, backlash, and Ik women don't want to become part of the discussion, it just isn't worth it. They could provide female my players an edge to male my players but their needs to be a limit. Or people might just grow up and never get angry about a movie game. Consider what you are saying. You're saying that game devs and girls must not work towards making and inclusion NBA 2K21 a better experience for a wider number of individuals, but we ought to cater to individuals who don't like it since it's"weird."

Besides that, let's be honest: 2K is going to get backlash regardless. Earning MyTEAM to a literal casino has been an example of how self-aware they're that they could do whatever they want and not face any financial repercussions. Women ought to be changed in NBA 2K21 to be like men and have equivalent skills?? You think that is okay? WNBA players are slower and poorer than normal NBA players, and that is fine. They do not have to have their attributes equal to NBA players.

Sure, I really don't see why it's not okay. It is a Buy NBA 2K MT Coins game. I don't see how wanted them to be included and not be restricted makes me sexist. Again, the issue is with the people who think it isn't okay. Maybe they're the ones who need to modify their mindset and be more accepting of change. It is like the most current one as well battle. Really like the addition of wnba in 2k and my career, I simply don't want them to destroy NBA 2K21 using what they did to live.
Same versions, no clue how MyLeague or even MyGM will work contemplating #1 by moment 2K21 MT releases there will not have been a 2020 off-season. Probably won't have the 2021 draft class because there won't be a draft punctually NBA 2K21 comes out (I know the lottery is the 20th, not sure precisely when the draft is) But hey, folks will buy it anyway due to MyTeam, therefore none of the stuff really matters I guess. Promoting me last year's game with a couple adjustments with last year's roster while the true 2K21 comes out in a few months and probably won't have these issues out of the box, but only on PS5 and Xbox and not PC, just doesn't make any sense to me.

This staggered release thing makes no sense. Already saying NBA 2K21 does not have any changes without seeing the changes yet only shows you gonned na say that anyways. Should you buy NBA 2K21 you receive it on next gen complimentary IIRC makes sense. I stated a couple of changes. Emphasis on couple of because two studios are still currently working on every game and I believe I know which you will have the most adjustments, and it is.

Finding the next Gen version for"free" only after buying a $600 console. There's not any next Gen PC version, the version is. That's just semantics you were attempting to belittle the amount of changes which are currently gon t be produced. No matter how many changes have been made you have the same attitude. Your point about phoning NBA 2K21"free" because you need to buy the console makes no sense. NBA 2K21 is free, buying the PS5 or Xbox is independent of that. Of the console players are currently gon na purchase it eventually.

This can be legit 2K20 with an upgrade, same scoreboard and everything. That is nothing more but a cash grab, should happen to be an update.Thanks however im gonna wait until next gen unless Buy 2K MT bucks. How could they believe this is well worth the same cost as Red Dead 2 and witcher 3? Its worth what people will pay, and they're still gonna kill it with earnings + VC. I understand but they did not even attempt to enhance the graphics or light one piece theyre gonna charge microtransactions on top of everything. Lol its so greedy. If you purchase this version you should get another gen completely free, its dirty to not do this when the current gen alternative is literally a paste and copy.
Actual receiver grabs not this strike in the gut and they drop it every time, like really make a person on one wide receiver not entirely have no chance. Smarter ai, they have to respond after the exact same drama is ran every fucken moment. Like 2 corners or you can fix everything you want but if they do two spans or 2 workouts, your Madden 21 coins players should begin reacting to it quicker. The blitzes where guys move players around ought to be nerfed. You should not be able to fill the holes and let the secondary is covered by 3 men. It's likely a rate problem overall where players are like blitz acrade manner most the moment. I think madden sort of caters to a arcadey version of football in general though and most likely they won't really admire any of our ideas.

Defenders shouldn't have the ability to respond to the ball when their mind is turned. This usually means no choices, and no turn around the ball has been thrown. Lurker also should not trigger the participant's head is turned around or when the individual is sprinting area up. The cases it should activate in is when the guardian is coming down and can actually be able to jump for it, they're stationary/semi-stationary, or they are running parallel or in a downward angle to the line of scrimmage. User click on to a defender that has their head facing away from the ball and has no means of knowing it's coming must have a 1 minute cool down period before they can trigger a catch cartoon.

They should cover when the quarterback leaves the pocket drains don't dumb out and move away from the receiver. They will need to follow their assignment and not go chasing the quarterback unless they're the spy or nobody is in their own zone. Among several possibilities: Defenses should have slower periods like crime does unless they have an ability to make it move faster like conductor. Offenses can alter protections and change tight half or end back to maneuver block or blocking and release without unnaturally being slowed down, and no need for an authority. Keep routes that are hot at the rate they are and need conductor to create those changes.

Defender response time to matters like screen passes must be slower. On smoke or even bubble displays a middle linebacker can creep out after the pass is thrown and make a handle for no gain. Option path logic requires rework. It ought to take into account things like off/press policy, leverage, and buy Madden nfl 21 coins grass. Also the settle-and-noose style of find grass needs to be reworked so that recipients don't only stop right from a guardian, make a bid to acquire open, and operate their route quicker. Receivers shouldn't get bumped and go such as drags slants, or crossing routes for an release on things. This is not taught by any coach, and no defender can induce a receiver into an release on those plays in life.
X-Factor. Abilities. Secondary Position. If Chem multipliers should be considered in Select 10 I am still pondering. For instance x3 Broncos 3 slots would be taken up by team chem. Though this system would Mut 21 coins really only affect the players who are"activated" on the area, I believe it could allow greater balance between skills. By way of example, a low tier talent such as Homer will be worth 1 point however, skills like Individual Joystick or Evasive will be worth 3. All X-Factors would be worth two points that begin activated which could be worth.

Within this new system, my 99 Randy Moss using 49ers Chem (1), WC (1), Brawler (1), Mossed 100 (3), Route Tech (two ), Streak Specialist (two ), Out Corner Elite (two ), and Post Specialist (two ) would constitute 14/10 slots if all stated abilities were worth two points. This usually means that I would have to cut corners a bit and take out 2 abilities or possibly remove some chemistries and 1 ability. This is obviously just a brain child of mine and also will 99.9% never be a feature in MUT but it is fun to mess about and speculate.Here's a couple of mine audibles. It is bothersome doing this every single match substitutions. Again, so bothersome to do this every match. Tracker is upward passed by A power. You know, therefore we don't have to power down a player we believe has a PUP simply to find out he did not have it. Squads is my preferred to perform. Something like a Squads Draft a lot of rounds to draft your team, in which your buddies and you get. I don't expect this to happen, but that.

Actual wide receiver grabs not this hit in the gut and they fall it every time, like make a one on one wide receiver not don't have any opportunity. Ai, they have to react after the exact same play is ran every fucken moment. Like 2 corners or you can adjust all you want but if they can do two spans or 2 outs, your players should begin reacting to it faster. The blitzes where guys move players around ought to be nerfed. You shouldn't have the ability to fill the holes and let 3 men cover the whole secondary. It's probably a rate issue overall where gamers are like nfl blitz acrade mode most the time. I believe madden kind of caters to an edition of football in general though and most likely they won't really respect any of our suggestions.

Defenders shouldn't be able to respond to the ball when their head is turned. This means no choices, and no turn around after the ball has been thrown. Lurker also shouldn't activate when the individual is sprinting area up or the cheap Mut 21 coins player's head is flipped around. The cases it ought to trigger in is when the defender is coming down and can actually be in position to leap for it, they are stationary/semi-stationary, or they're running parallel or in a downward angle to the line of scrimmage. User click on to some defender that has their head facing away from the ball and doesn't have a way of knowing it's coming must have a 1 minute cool down period until they can trigger a catch animation.
I'm on the Lakers, LeBrons averaging about 8ppg. Never creates his own shot, doesn't do anything. Part of it I suspect is you player being to the group I guess. Would be wonderful to find a change. If your on a team with nba 2k21 cheap mt great players, ie Lebron, Harden etc that even though your player is good you perhaps don't get the ball or something due to these ball domimate gamers. I guess for"immersion" sake, therefore I make sure my team has slightly realistic stats. I perform 12 second quarters, and LeBron's averaging 9 assists and 26 points.

Should you use him 14, to add to this, LeBron's a beast. I give him the ball on fast breaks and put picks, and he is nearly unstoppable. Different from game to game I guess., I play as pg, I'll pass to LeBron out of a inbound and when I I pa's half court he will return to me.Yeah, I play as a Center so it'll be different to get a PG. I do ordinary 9 assists too, largely to LeBron. I found this method where if I predict a pick with LeBron (or some other player), that when his defender awakens in a specific way, I could press & hold Y to create LeBron cut to the basket and he'll have an easy bucket. Easy method for me to ensure he receives points.

I really hope the playoff air improves, and the way the crowd responds to big plays, whenever I play at the playoffs, the crowd is the same cheering soudbite as regular season matches. Say to start a match, I get a sneak and turn it into a break jam to begin NBA 2K21 off. In cheers in the conference finals and finals, The audience would EXPLODE in an actual NBA playoff game. Same goes to get a close game late in the 4th qtr, even in the event that you hit a move head 3 pointer with less than 5 staying, or even a buzzer beater, the crowd should go off, right off the bat, not just a few"oh yeah that's cool" type cheers.

Anyone who plays MyCareer knows what I am talking about. The lack of a playoff atmosphere requires the pleasure out of play games. There should be a thing during the offseason which lets you know that retired, very similar to what MLB The Show will, and who was exchanged, which free agents signed where. The show lets you know what large players retired, which is much simpler than going through every how to get mt in nba 2k21 lineup to find out if a participant such as LeBron retired or not. Could we fix the frame rate and the wait for the dunk contest/three point competition? Since there's always a delay between me discharging the shooter meter and the stick actually 25, I am tired of dropping three point contests.