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Roku Overheating
Roku Overheating Oct 15 '20

Roku is surely an innovative product and a prominent name in the streaming world. The product offers various distinctive features and an endless streaming experience. However, like other electronic gadgets, Roku also has some technical glitches. Roku overheating is one common issue among Roku devices. We will let you know the Tips to stop the Overheating 


Tips to stop Roku Overheating


Overheating can cause damage to your device, to avoid Roku overheating you can follow the tips mentioned below


> Avoid direct sunlight.

> Avoid excessive usage. Give your device some cooling time. 

> Do not keep your device on other electronic gadgets.

> Avoid keeping the device in closed cabinets.

> Clean and maintain your device from time to time. 

> Avoid keeping your device in a hot place.

> Use an HDMI extender.


Even if after taking precautionary measures your device overheats, then unplug it from the power source. Thereafter, keep it in a cool place and after a few minutes re-plug the device. If the warning indication still appears, repeat the steps once again and check if this resolves the Roku overheating issue.