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rsgoldfast Nov 3

Also explore joining a clan. When I played with RS3 there were lots of clans out there with OSRS gold elderly veteran players that were very friendly and ready to help out newer players.

I also agree the wiki is excellent and that ironman mode resembles nothing else. 249 qp and going to receive my firecape on mine. It can suck your life away though haha Just 

interested I dont know my iron man will be fun? Ot just makes an already grindy game grindier. What are the advantages?

It really is only the extra great feels when you reach things. Every thing that I do feels like I am progressing towards something and it plays just like a completely different 

game. Is there times that I wish I could purchase something that is very annoying to get? Of course.

But it feels great once you make it. A lot of dead material is revitalized by iron guys using it to get 1 thing or another.

Thats really interesting. It will seem like lots of the game is obsolete by new gear and items coming in. Certainly agree with original poster. RS3 includes a great deal of dead 

material that you may jump past on a non ironman simply because it is not efficient. Ironman accounts can get a lot of use in matters that those accounts jump. It is an 

excellent mode for anyone who likes always setting new objectives and finding the best way to achieve them rather than sweating over money farming.

At this stage I think most Cheap Runescape gold gamers are fine using rs3. They won't play it but they pretty much esteem it is distance and the people who play it.