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Navya Sri
Navya Sri Aug 11 '20

Each company is unique, which is why we believe that each relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers face at different stages of the software life cycle. Through its experience in multiple engagements, EVRY has developed methods and processes to enable collaborative harmony with its customers for the new product roadmap, application management, reengineering, and third-party testing.

By following the CMMI DEV Maturity Level 5 and CMMI SVC Maturity Level 5 processes, as well as the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 procedures, you can be sure that performance remains constant. We also consider the needs and concerns of offshoring before submitting a site, fixed price, time and material model or a build, operate and transfer model. A carefully designed Managed Services Engagement Modelhelps our clients manage their risk and balance their delivery strategy and cost for key business functions. EVRY offers different engagement models as follows:

Offshore model on site

When developing a tailored strategy, we evaluate the type of project and define processes that ensure that the results meet the agreed standards. We have demonstrated our knowledge of both on-site and off-site operations and recommend a combination that offers our customers an optimal combination of speed, economy and flexibility and ensures long-lasting, quality relationships.

An on-site team coordinates and manages requirements gathering, project definition, planning, milestone and results qualification, as well as user implementation and training. All development, testing, support and maintenance activities are carried out from our offshore development facilities in Bangalore and Chandigarh, India.

Mixed equipment and delivery property

A competent team with the right mix of resources will only work on client projects. EVRY will take responsibility for delivery and proactively build the repository for key insight. The process-oriented transfer of resources, as well as the mandatory overlap time and the Knowledge Management System (KMS) guarantee normal business.

Designated infrastructure

EVRY will assign work areas within its facilities to ensure closeness and cohesion within the team. EVRY configures all the hardware and software resources necessary for the project in a specific area. One of the decisive factors for the success of the Pavilion® is the establishment of the development / test environment. The environment replicates the production environment.

Scalability and visibility of the project.

EVRY uses process adaptation guidelines to meet customer requirements at the Pavilion®. The client not only sets the standard for this engagement, but is also involved in managing the tasks of the offshore team. This unique model helps clients achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability. EVRY will offer software solutions while clients focus their time and efforts on meeting their clients' needs.

Managed services

EVRY offers managed services that focus on SLA / KPI management in IT applications, infrastructure and operations. Given the ever-changing business complexity and the emergence of disruptive technologies, the focus has never been on business and IT alignment anymore. EVRY's managed services approach to customer loyalty is demonstrated by a history of past commitments and innovations in meeting business metrics, productivity and profitability. Our solutions continue to be a measure of the success of our customers and EVRY. This is complemented by:

  • A global delivery model

  • Flexible but clearly defined transition model

  • Domain and technology experts.

  • Customized governance model

  • An Managed Services engagement modelthat can be tailored to the changing needs of the business.

With our commitment to managed service, we are ready to work with the company to help them meet and exceed their business metrics, productivity improvements, and profitability goals. We draw on our expertise in providing managed services for a variety of services, including application management, data engineering, quality assurance, mobility, Internet of Things, infrastructure, and cloud activation.