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Molianalex Aug 29 '20
First week kinda sucks if you are Animal Crossing Bells not used this style of game since they dripfeed mechanics and items. After that you kinda locate your own fun.

There's no fix way for more If you plant more than 10k you have a 30 percent chance if obtaining that sum, otherwise it will default to 10k. The Number of bells buried does not impact the probability like it in earlier games

Instance: Plant 20k You either have a 30% chance of obtaining 60k from the shrub or a 70% likelihood of getting 30k

I guess I might as well describe to you how money trees operate, whilst I am considering it.

So, have you ever encountered a bizarre gold luminous spot on the ground in your island? Dig it up, and you'll find a bag of 1k bells, and the hole will be glowing gold.

So, now you've got a magical glowing hole in your island, the next step is to choose the number of bells you want to plant. As soon as you've decided the number of bells you need to plant, you then will need to receive a bell bag (comprising that lots of bells) prepared in your inventory.

If you don't understand how to do that, open your inventory, pick the thing showing how many bells you are carrying, press A, then choose the number of bells that you want to put in your pockets.

Once that is done, go back to the glowing hole. Grab a shovel, open your pockets, then pick the bell tote you want to plant, and plant that at the glowing hole.

Now, rather than a glowing hole, you will now have a nursery money tree. I'd recommend digging it up and moving it someplace convenient to get to, but you don't need to.

The money tree grows as quickly as every other tree, so, on the 4th day of its existence, it will be fully grown, with bells hanging it off, ready to cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items be harvested.